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FranDo Apps
Useful Marketing App

Link your website to CRM
or send marketing emails.
and visualize sales performance. Useful sales & marketing support application.


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Form Builder

Simply drag in the necessary entries and place the tag on your website to use it.

Link to CRM

Automatically stores incoming contacts from forms in the CRM.

Marketing Email

Bulk sendable feature from custom domains. Automatic stage/status changes from tracking, etc.

Sending Group

Segment contacts registered in CRM according to their intended use, and extract the target number of contacts when creating an email.

Email Template

Create and save personalizable templates.


Automatically inserts an unsubscribe link in your emails to comply with email opt-out regulations.

Bounce Emails

Lists contacts that were not sent for some reason. Returns error codes to the list.

My Business PRO

Rich content that is different from the free My Business appeals to users about your business.

Lead Status Analysis

Analyzes lead status for a specified period of time. Visualize sales performance.

Lifecycle Stage Analysis

Visualize the trend of contacts you have. It makes it easier to understand the attributes that need to be followed up and strengthened.


Alerts can be displayed by specifying the number of days elapsed in status for each contact person. Prevents missed cases.


Alerts can also be received via email. This allows for quick access to contacts that need to be addressed, especially on the same day.

Main Features

FranDo Apps is free to start.

Business Matching

Business Matching

Available from Free Plan

Main Features

  • User/Business/Expert Search
  • My Business
  • Contact Request
  • Smart Message
  • AI Translation

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Available from Lite Plan

Main Features

  • Custom Subdomain
  • Manage Contacts
  • Import Contacts
  • Export Contacts
  • Member & Role

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Available from Pro Plan

Main Features

  • My Business PRO
  • Email Template
  • Marketing Email
  • Form Builder
  • Sales Analysis/Alert

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Business Manager

Business Manager

Coming soon

Main Features

  • FDD Creater
  • Manage Contracts
  • Project
  • Group Chat
  • Collaboration

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