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Basic Apps
Key Functions

User Search

Find business partners! You can narrow down FranDo users by various search criteria.

Contact Request

When other party accepts your contact request, you will receive a notification of completing to connect. It’s better to enhance your profile.

Smart Message

You can communicate through simple text messages without disclosing your email address or phone number to the other party.

Get a Second Opinion

This function allows you to contact the second opinion team (industry consultants and experts).

Search brands/services info.

This function allows you to search and inquire about brand/service information.

Search event info.

Next Major Update
This function allows you to search for seminar and event information and apply to participate.

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FranDo CRM
Key Functions

User Search

You can search for FranDo users and make a contact request and use this as one of your lead acquisition tools.

Secure Environment

Different sub-domains can be assigned to each company to manage leads in a secure, private environment.

List Import

You can upload your contact list as a CSV file, or you can easily register each contact individually.

Lead Management

You can manage the status of each contact, including sales progress and response records, and set up a contact person.

List Export

Only team members with certain privileges or higher can export the contact list.

Company Info.

The company info setting allows FranDo users to search for users by organization (company) name as well.

Add Collaborators

Team members can collaboratively manage contacts. You can check the latest status at any time.

Basic Apps

You can use all the features of FranDo Basic Apps and get a second opinion.



FranDo Marketing
Key Functions

Sales Analysis

Sales performance visualization and alerting functions can streamline sales activities.

My Business

By setting up your brand/service information, you can add a lead line for incoming FranDo users.

Marketing Email

This function allows you to send bulk e-mails by segmenting your contact list. It provides a sending server with high reachability.

Email Templates

Templates for email marketing can be set up in advance and recalled for use when sending.

Form Builder

Forms can be created intuitively, and can be automatically imported into CRM by simply placing the code on your website.


You can select and assign a team member when an inquiry occurs for the brand/service information you set.

Event Manager

Next Major Update
This function allows you to register information on events such as seminars and manage applications.

All CRM Functions

you can use all the features of FranDo CRM and integrate it with the Marketing function for added convenience.



Function Table

The function correspondence table by product.

Scroll FranDo Basic Apps FranDo CRM FranDo Marketing
User Search
Contact Request
Smart Message
Get a Second Opinion
Search a Brand/Service
Search an Event※
Secure private environment -
List import -
Contact status management -
List export -
Setting company info. -
Sales Analysis - -
Setting My Business - -
Marketing Email - -
Email Templetes - -
Form Builder - -
Event Manager※ - -

※Next Major Update