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Do what you need,
as much as you need.

Make Your Business Opportunities

Franchise System Development

FranDo's Franchise System Development does not opt for typical process of fitting into a predetermind format.

"Do what you need, as much as you need"

We work with you to create the package that takes advantage of the unique characteristics of your business.

Anyway, business assessment first

The first step is to extract and report on the characteristics that need to be focused on, strengths that need to be developed, and issues that need to be improved.

Based on the report, we share our understanding of each other and start discussing whether we should start improving or building.

You can rest assured that the consulting content will be clear before the formal contract is signed.

Advisory or Practical Support

For consulting services, you can choose either Advisory or Practical Support.

You will eventually have to operate as a franchisor, and you will also need to develop appropriate human resources.

We will make a proposal that fits your management and business style.


You can find experts/professionals (Second Opinions) via FranDo Basic Apps.
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Sean T. Ngo

Global Sales & Marketing

Koji Shiraishi

F&B Consultant

Patarachet Soodsanguan

Business Development

Kota Hideshima

Local Marketing

Hoàng Kim Phượng

Business Development

Region: Vietnam

Takayuki Kinbara


Akio Nambu

Business Consulting

Akira Kamizono

Tax Accountant

Shingo Nakatsuka

M&A Consulting

Atsushi Konno


Takashi Yamashita

Store Operations

Hajime Kobayashi

Business Development