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FranDo Consulting Services

What we can do for you?

Contact FranDo
for more information about franchising.

Advisory services, practical support,
overseas expansion support, etc.
We provide services that meet the needs of our customers. Second Opinion will provide you with services that meet your needs.

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Advisory Service

FranDo Consulting Service 1

The first time you start a franchise business, you may feel uneasy.
We can handle a variety of situations.

  • New Business / Entrepreneurship Advisory
  • Franchise System Development Advisory
  • Supervising / Franchisee Management Advisory
  • Store Management Advisory
  • Business Development Advisory
  • M&A Advisory
  • Personal Information Management System Advisory

Practical Support

FranDo Consulting Service 2

In addition to advisory services, we also provide specific practical support.

  • Franchisor Health Assessment
  • Find the right business for you
  • Provide effective operational tools and training
  • Business design/plan creation
  • Preparation of various contracts and FDDs
  • Marketing Support
  • System/Website Development

Overseas Expansion Support

FranDo Consulting Service 3

For expanding your business

  • Franchisor Suitability Assessment
  • Advisory services for overseas expansion
  • Business Matching
  • Practical Support
  • Negotiation support

Get in touch with us

Please feel free to ask us

Second Opinions

We have assembled a team of
industry consultants and professionals/experts
to help you succeed in your business.
Contact to Second Opinions is available
through FranDo Basic Apps.

Koji Shiraishi

F&B Consultant

Patarachet Soodsanguan

Business Development

Kota Hideshima

Local Marketing

Takayuki Kinbara


Akio Nambu

Business Consulting

Akira Kamizono

Tax Accountant

Shingo Nakatsuka

M&A Consulting

Atsushi Konno


Takashi Yamashita

Store Operations

Hajime Kobayashi

Business Development

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