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FranDo Apps
Easy CRM

Centralized management of your
current contacts or connected users via "Business Matching".
Easy for anyone to use.


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Secure Environment

Provide a custom domain dedicated to each organization in FranDo Apps.

Import Contacts

You can import your contacts in CSV file format.

Add a Contact

Individual registration is possible. A variety of registration fields consolidate information.

Linking FranDo Users

It is also easy to integrate users matched on FranDo Apps into your CRM.

No Initial Setup

Master data is automatically generated from imported contacts and individually registered contacts.

Member & Role

When multiple people use the system, the primary owner can assign usage privileges.

Export Contacts

Export of contacts is limited to members with administrative or higher privileges.

Customize Search Box

Search criteria for contacts can be customized. You can quickly access your contacts by your preferred criteria.

Manage Stage/Status

It is possible to manage lifecycle stages and lead status.


Activity history can be easily recorded.

Batch Editing

It is also possible to rewrite the contact type, category, inflow source, contact person, etc. all at once.

Next Step

By specifying the next activity schedule, it is possible to extract cases that must be handled on the same day.

Main Features

FranDo Apps is free to start.

Business Matching

Business Matching

Available from Free Plan

Main Features

  • User/Business/Expert Search
  • My Business
  • Contact Request
  • Smart Message
  • AI Translation

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Available from Lite Plan

Main Features

  • Custom Subdomain
  • Manage Contacts
  • Import Contacts
  • Export Contacts
  • Member & Role

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Available from Pro Plan

Main Features

  • My Business PRO
  • Email Template
  • Marketing Email
  • Form Builder
  • Sales Analysis/Alert

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Business Manager

Business Manager

Coming soon

Main Features

  • FDD Creater
  • Manage Contracts
  • Project
  • Group Chat
  • Collaboration

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