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FranDo CRM

Centralized management of your current customer list
or connected people via "Basic Apps".

FranDo CRM that is easy
and simple to use.

CRM=Customer Relationship Management

No initial setup

FranDo CRM automatically generates master data from your list.

So there is no need for troublesome initial setup. Don't worry about the initial costs.

Easier and simpler to use than Excel functions.

Log is important,
Plan is also important

What Excel can do is only CIM*, or customer information management.

The team can manage the history of correspondence with leads as well as future appointments in one place.

The future may come when daily sales reports are no longer necessary, because the necessary information can be accessed quickly. Yes, DX starts with imagination.

*CIM=Customer Information Management

Protect important assets, FranDo Cloud

Create a secure, proprietary space for your organization in the FranDo cloud.

Access it anytime, anywhere from any custom domain of your choice.

Manage your valuable information assets with FranDo CRM.
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What you can do
with FranDo CRM

Secure Environment

Member & Rorle

Linking FranDo users

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